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Dr. Darya Funches, Founder and CEO

The founder and principal of REAP Unlimited and the developer of The REAP Unlimited System for Transformation™ is Dr. Darya Funches. Throughout her consulting career, she has been known for creative and cutting-edge approaches to help organizations and their leaders achieve breakthrough business results.

Reap Unlimited

Educational Background

Dr. Darya holds a Doctorate of Education focused on Organizational Change and Transformation from the University of Massachusetts. She also has a Masters of Public Administration Degree focused on Administrative Behavior from the University of North Carolina, a Bachelor of Mathematics from Lake Forest College, and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

REAP Unlimited Practitioners

We have an interdisciplinary team of senior consultants for corporations. They bring different expertise to diagnose and help in building productive, vital, and inclusive workplaces and communities.


We assemble associate teams based on our client needs. Although they come from different disciplines, they share a focus on how transformation supports bringing the client’s vision into reality. Depending on the scope and size of the client system, transformational practitioners may also be part of associate teams.


Firms with which we have strategic alliances, partnerships, or collaborations are called affiliates. With them, we address specific issues or make an impact in a particular industry or vision in the world. Our current affiliates include Innovative Global Resources, Leading Consciously, and Sow REAP Futures.

Transformational Practitioners

These professionals specialize in applying transformational concepts and tools in assisting individuals, teams, organizations, communities, and nations. They assess needs and design and conduct interventions, applying the principles, concepts, and techniques of REAP Unlimited and other acceptable transformational approaches compatible with our work.

In a short period, they can achieve accelerated results with clients. They provide consulting, coaching, or intensive transformational sessions for individuals, teams, or large groups in a combination of real-time or off-site settings.

The REAP Unlimited System™ for Transformation [T.R.U.S.T.]

To develop this system, our founder and CEO has researched the spiritual, scientific, psychological, and artistic aspects of transformation and the creation of new realities. She has also studied the practices of transformational leaders, breakthroughs in quantum physics and other sciences, and ancient wisdom to support our research.

This system has been our way of helping create results aligned with the highest purpose by transforming mindset and related behaviors, structures, processes, and symbols. Our approach is available to all people through our personal consulting services, products, programming, retreats, seminars, and events.

Mossyrock Landing

The Rock is a beautiful and peaceful place for healing, reflection, reinvention, and renewal. It also teaches you how to address the challenges you are facing.

REAP at Mossyrock Landing

When you travel to The Rock, you will work with Dr. Darya and other transformational practitioners. Benefit from what the land and nature have in store for you. It is a journey that can change your life and business for the best.

The REAP Unlimited Learning Community

All active clients, participants, associates, practitioners, affiliates, and students engaged with REAP Unlimited in different contexts are included in this virtual and face-to-face community. We provide a forum to create synergy and enrich what you can gain through exchanges with one another.

To be a part of this community, you should be engaged as a client, registered as a student in REAP Unlimited School of Wisdom, or open for seminars and events. We will provide you with a set of guidelines so that you can stay updated with us.