Vision to Reality

In transformation, we help heal the separations within and between individuals, groups and organizations and guide them in creating substantially different futures, just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. For new ventures we help create visionary systems with Ways of Seeing and Knowing, Being and Doing™ that work for sustainable futures in the 21st century. We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals supporting visionary leadership using our respective expertise in education, economic development, organization behavior and change, finance, sales and marketing, communications, science and technology, human resources, religion and spirituality, politics and the arts. The results of our work include greater personal and organizational productivity and creativity, greater synthesis and clarity among leaders, higher morale, diverse high performing cultures, and the ability to use self more effectively while working with others. We REAP what we sow, as organizations, communities and individuals. The REAP Unlimited System™ is our way of helping to create results aligned with highest purpose by transforming mindset and related behaviors, structures, processes and symbols. We have researched spiritual, scientific, psychological, and artistic aspects of transformation and creating new realities through practices of transformational leaders, breakthroughs in quantum physics and other sciences, and ancient wisdom. Through personal consulting services, products, programming, retreats, and seminars and events, we are make our approach available to all people, beyond the boundaries of organizations.