What We Do

In transformation, we become more of who we have the potential to be.   We help heal the separations within and between individuals, groups and organizations and guide them in creating substantially different futures, just as the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes of yesterday’s fires and the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.  Organizations and their leaders must be more adaptive and versatile to perform effectively.  The results of our work include greater personal and organizational productivity and creativity, greater synthesis and clarity among leaders, higher morale, diverse high performing cultures, and the ability to be more effective while working with others.

We can help to:

  • Design & Build Productive Workplaces through Diversity & Inclusion
  • Transform Leadership & Organizational Culture to Achieve Vision
  • Co-Create Business Turnarounds & Transformation
  • Heal Organizational Trauma
  • Build Internal Capacity for Transformation
  • Develop Transformational and Visionary Leaders
  • Develop Transformational Practitioners

We take you or your organization through the REAP model designed by Dr. Darya to accelerate change and transformation.  The REAP Unlimited ™ model allows you to review the past and leap forward in to the motion of your future.  This model is the framework and path to lead you from your current reality to the new reality and help you to realize your vision.