“From my vantage point as CEO…I have seen at least 20 of my key management personnel change their attitudes, raise their expectations of their own performance both with respect to work and their personal lives directly as a result of REAP interventions.  The combination's of all these people together have created a critical mass which has infused a can-do spirit in the larger organization.  In no small way, these actions, along with the cultural and financial results which they have produced, have brought us to the point where we are highly regarded on Wall Street and are viewed as one of a …handful of utilities that have a good chance of managing the changes that are taking place in the industry today.”
J.J., Chairman and CEO of a Utility Corporation

“I was first introduced to REAP in 1993 through a colleague.  It was an introduction that would change my life.  Application of the REAP Model and principles was pivotal in transforming my life limiting habits into life affirming decisions and actions in my company, my career and my family.
Dr. Darya’s manner in working with her clients is both gently supporting and firmly challenging.  Her power of discernment of the interrelationship between organizational and individual issues and potential are unparalleled in my 20 year career.  She operates at the highest level of integrity both personally and professionally, which provides the foundation of trust that is so important in a client-consultant relationship.”
KDJ, VP for Human Resources

When I work with Dr. Darya and REAP, we get to the core of a situation in a short amount of time; sometimes even in 40 minutes; compared to 18 months and millions of dollars we may spend without clarity or resolution working with other consultants.
M.H., President, Energy Company

“When I started working at my current company, I recommended Dr. Darya to my new CEO.  After experiencing a REAP [Leadership] Intensive at Mossyrock Landing in Washington state, he reported to a group of employees that it was the best three days of his life.  That he felt this way was not surprising to me, but the public acknowledgment spoke volumes of the impact of the experience.
I recommend Dr Darya and the REAP Gallery Unlimited Corporation without reservation to those who are serious about transforming themselves or their organizations.”
KJ, VP for Human Resources

Without reservation I can say that Dr. Darya and her work with REAP have been the most important part of establishing a foundation for my work with transformation.
N.S., Consultant and Leader of Transformation Project



REAP and Corporate Change & Transformation

"As a colleague of Dr. Darya and longtime admirer of her many talents and insights, I can say without qualification that she and the REAP technology will be at the edge of wherever you might be. Her ability to work transformational magic with individuals, groups and organizations is unrivaled.
- Bob Marshak, Consultant"

The REAP Model and principles were an integral component of our corporate strategy to move quickly into the competitive marketplace.  We felt the focus on leadership transformation would create the critical mass necessary to bring about the required corporate change……..Our hopes of real shifts in our culture – a greater capacity to accept continuous change, a greater capacity for business risk, a more inclusive approach – were realized. 
J.R., Vice President, Energy Corporation

“Working with Dr. Darya in a corporate setting provided our management team with opportunities to see collective company decisions and individual roles in a much different and more encompassing way than ever before.  This broader view revealed deeper accountability and greater potential than were previously evident.  This increased both our understanding of our situation and the number of options available to us.  One of her most valuable contributions was not only teaching us how to align our actions with our purpose and vision, but to recognize the unintended results we created when our actions were not in alignment.”
K.J., Vice President of Human Resources, Communications Corporation

“Dr. Darya Funches and the REAP group worked on several successful business change implementation and strategy development efforts ….involving everything from corporate strategy development to small and large group interventions designed to uncover and resolve morale and management/employee relationship difficulties.  Dr. Darya and her staff were instrumental in the successes. 

…. [The]REAP model and principles have proven to be valuable tools to me and several members of our management team.  I’ve used the model and principles over and over in business and personal opportunities and have improved my “batting average” in communications, negotiations, labor relations, as well as simpler meeting design and day to day interactions.”
M.H., President, Energy Corporation

Working with REAP clarified our direction and many of the ways our organizational culture interferes with achieving our mission and what we need to do to change.  All of a sudden, it seemed obvious why we were being less effective that we could be and the insights came with clarity about how each one of us contributes to the problem and what we could do to make a positive difference.  What was most surprising was how rapidly we got to the bottom of the situation, using the REAP approach.
M.E., Government Agency

REAP was instrumental in allowing this corporation to make the transformation from a regulated, “pass the cost on the customer” mentality to a competitive mindset which I believe this corporation possesses today.
…[T]he approach of The REAP Gallery [REAP Unlimited]---its principles, its ability to focus an organization on what it wants to be, and how it can get there---can produce solid bottom line results for an organization. 
J.J., Chairman and CEO, Utility Corporation