REAP Unlimited Practitioners

REAP Unlimited are an interdisciplinary team of senior consultants who consult to corporations, bringing different expertise to diagnose and help build productive, vital and inclusive workplaces and communities. We assemble Associate Teams based on client needs. Although Associates come from different disciplines, teams share a focus on how transformation supports bringing the client’s vision into reality. Depending on the scope and size of the client system, Associate Teams also include Transformational Practitioners.

Transformational Practitioners specialize in applying transformational concepts and tools to assist one or more levels of human systems—individuals, teams/groups, organizations, communities and/or nations. TP’s assess needs and design and conduct interventions, applying the principles, concepts and techniques of REAP Unlimited and other acceptable transformational approaches compatible with our work. In short amounts of time, TP’s achieve accelerated results with clients, providing consulting, coaching or intensive transformational sessions for individuals, teams or large groups in a combination of real-time or off-site settings.

Affiliates are firms with which we have strategic alliances, partnerships and/or collaborations to address specific issues or make an impact in a particular industry or vision in the world. Current Affiliates include: Innovative Global Resources, Leading Consciously, Sow REAP Futures.