Practitioner Development

Develop Transformational Practitioners

Mentoring of Professional Consultants, Change Agents and Transformers
Dr. Darya works with those seeking ongoing mentoring in the fields of Organization Development, Organization Effectiveness and Transformation on the whole.  Mentoring takes place in multiple forums--- individually and as part of a group; face to face and by telephone, or video conferencing.

Introducing the Three Year Practitioner Program:
Based on years of practice with clients, research on transformation, and work with the original REAP Learning Community [1993-1997], Dr. Darya Funches now establishes a 3-year practitioner program for those interested in Transformation.

Year 1-Ways of Seeing and Knowing in the Work
Year 2-Ways of Doing and Being in the Work
Year 3-Mastering the Integration-Mentoring, Practicum & Apprenticeship

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