3 Gifts Consultations

Three Gifts Consultations, Coaching & Seminars

Discernment, Heart and Presence are the three gifts inside each person and are three capabilities essential for leaders in complex and turbulent times.  Since 1985 when Darya Funches first conceived of Three Gifts, we have helped leaders and change agents develop these gifts for greater impact in changing and transforming organizations and communities.  

Three Gifts—Discernment, Heart and Presence—are part of the foundation in The REAP Unlimited System for effective use of self as a leader, change agent and/or transformer.  Since the original article she published on “Three Gifts” in Emerging Theory and Practice of Organization Development, Dr. Darya has developed a storehouse of skills to help practitioners recognize and refine their use of these gifts.  In addition to offering seminars on the subject, we help establish Circles of Practice for Three Gifts by offering coaching and professional development sessions in your area.